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HCG Diet Dangers Finally Exposed

There is zero weightloss product on the marketplace that is 100% safe because there is always going to be at least one person that will feel some side effect to a product and when it comes to weightloss products the effects are amplified because of what these products are created to do in a quick period of time.  The Hcg program is one such weight-loss product that delivers astounding results but has some adverse side effects as well.  The HCG diet dangers are real but if you are seeking for a fast and easy way to slim down, the Hcg drops are the best way to go and they also offer a way to eliminate some of the dangers connected with Hcg diet plan.

Risks connected to the HCG diet that you ought to know about previous to going on the Hcg diet protocol:

Before we look at HCG diet side effects, it is good to know that the Hcg diet plan is no longer being administered through injections alone but that you can now get it in a hoeopathic drop, which is the most secure way to go on the Hcg diet plan.  No injections, it is less expensive, and best of all, you do not need any prescriptions.  All you have to do is put ten drops under the tongue, wait for 1-2 minutes and then swallow.

The 1st thing that you must know when it comes to HCG diet dangers is that you must be fully dedicated to the HCG diet and its diet plan because failure to do so, will lead to problems and make your weight loss less effective.  If you see that you should follow a diet of 500 calories and you refuse to follow it, don’t blame the hcg diet for the repercussions. You cannot just take the hcg diet drops and not follow through with everything else and expect the weight loss to work.

Due to the fact that the HCG diet has become so easily available for weight watchers, there are a number of companies on the market that are not effective and does not go by the appropriate HCG diet plan; therefore, it is important that you know the brand that you are purchasing because if you buy a brand that is not effective, you will go through some HCG dangers that does not go with the official HCG products and blame it on the real Hcg diet plan.

The HCG diet is a quick and effective way to shed pounds but the HCG side effects are present if you select not to follow the Hcg diet protocol all the way and if you use a HCG diet product that is from a business that is not legit; therefore, always read the products and it’s guidelines and remember that the HCG drops are usually the best ones to use.

The HCG Drops Side Effects Exposed

What are these so called HCG Drops Side Effects

HCG drops Side Effects BannerThe “HCG Drops side effects” is one of the most highly searched terms on the search engines next to “HCG diet”. The sellers of the HCG diet suggest that the HCG diet promotes weight-loss of up to 1 to 2 pounds per day with the HCG drops followed by a very low calorie diet. The HCG diet plan was popularized by “Pounds and Inches,” a book by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. Kevin Trudeau, has also made the HCG diet protocol one of Americas most sought after weight loss plan in America for the past couple of years. Critics of the HGC diet claim that the low calorie diet alone is what promotes weight loss not the HCG drops. Those same skeptics such as health care professionals and the FDA suggest that this diet program is full of HCG drops side effects and it will danger your wellbeing. It is important that an individual make an informed choice when taking into consideration any diet plan. Read our previous post on: Discover the Truth Behind the HCG Side Effects

Although HCG drops side effects are uncommon, they do occur. Most unfavorable experience lessen within a couple of days. Such Hcg drops side effects are headaches, mental exhaustion and sleepiness. Reasons of the Hcg side effects can be narrowed down to the administration of the HCG hormone. HCG can be administered via oral drops, pills, and injections.

The Reality of the HCG drops side effects

HCG injection Side effects: The HCG side effects may be minor ranging from swelling at the injection area, vomiting, weakness, skin difficulties, hair loss, and mood swings. Nonetheless, if you’re not cleared to use the HCG injection, you can come across serious circumstances related for your wellbeing. The HCG side effects on women exist due to improper dosage of HCG hormone. The side effects are controllable and in some cases rare The HCG injections should be administered under a doctor’s supervision. Additional side effects may be due to improper administration and sterilization of the injection or syringe.

Fatigue: One of the most common side effects of HCG use is physical and mental discomfort. Human chorionic gonadotropin triggers released fatty acids to move from your fat tissue into your bloodstream so they can be circulated and used for muscle activity. Because of this, less glucose may be made available to supply instant energy for your brain and skeletal muscles. Not having enough immediate energy can lead to an overall feeling of being tired or weak. Mental function may be slowed as well, because your brain operates mainly on glucose. It is importamt to use Vitamin b-12 during the Hcg diet plan.

HCG has no Food and drug administration approval for weight loss. Nevertheless, HCG is FDA-approved as an infertility treatment for females in select cases, as well as a hormone treatment for men with conditions such as undescended testes or low testosterone due to a pituitary disorder. Athletes have tainted their careers after being caught using HCG to cover the negative effects of illegal steroid use.

HCG Drops Side Effects should not be ignored no matter how minor they seem to be.

Even though most individuals do not report any negative HCG drops side effects it is important to seek advice from your doctor before beginning the HCG diet plan or any weight loss product or program. Especially if you are under medication for any health issues we recommend that you speak with your doctor prior to beginning any diet program.

But really in the end the HCG Diet is pretty much completely safe for most participants in my opinion and based in our research.

Check with your doctor if you have any out of the ordinary health issues before starting the This diet or any weight loss program. So with a little bit of awareness you can complete the HCG diet without any serious HCG drops side effects.



Truth about HCG Diet Side Effects

Below is an honest Review on the HCG Diet and HCG Diet Side Effects

HCG Diet Side Effects ImageI know that you have been searching the internet for information on HCG Diet Side Effects. There are thousands of reviews from individuals who claim to have lost a whole bunch weight from these miracle drops. The difference between this diet and all others on the market, is the extreme weight loss in a short period of time. Could losing a pound or two a day as these companies claim, be any safe? The answer is yes and no, more no than yes. Before I get my head chewed off from the people who swear to this diet and the people against it, let me explain myself a bit and elaborate on the subject. Before I give my opinion and show you my research I want to let you know that I am no doctor. I am an individual who was curious about this diet and HCG diet side effects and has also completed a 26 day HCG protocol. I am only expressing my opinion.


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As most of you, I was introduced to this diet by a friend who actually completed the diet and lost about 36 pounds in 40 days. I was amazed on the result and the time it took her to lose it. At this point I am sold on the idea and was interested in doing the HCG Diet. Like any smart consumer, I began to search online for any information on HCG Diet Side Effects. What rose a red flag in my search was the difference in price per ounce. Prices started from $19.99 up to $189.00 per ounce. I was not sure where to buy the HCG diet as my friend spent about $800.00 in a weight loss clinic and I was not willing to spend that much. Now my searches on google turned from “where to buy the HCG Diet” to “ HCG Diet Side Effect ”, there is approximately 40,000 searches per month on this term and rising. People want to be informed about any HCG diet side effects or dangers.

I have spent countless hours researching this and looking for HCG Diet side effects. There are way more success stories than complaints. What I did find curious was that the people who frown the HCG Diet are individuals who have not even tried the diet plan. I don’t think this type of complaint is very reliable. I am one that believes if you’ve have used a product personally no matter the outcome you’re a reliable source and I will take your review over any other so called professionals on the web or the FDA.

As the owner of this site I received a ton of feedback on this article about HCG diet side effects. 2 out of 10 posts or comments are negative and they all are pretty consistent. Below I will list the top HCG diet side effects I have received these and they are not in any type of order.

  • Headaches the first couple of days on the diet. This is the most common HCG diet side effects. I have read many blogs and forums and once again this is an opinion based on my research. The main reasons for these headaches is due to sugar withdrawal, low calorie intake, not eating enough, not taking a vitamin during the diet, etc.
  • Constipation. This the second most common HCG diet side effects. Individuals have suggested to take a mild laxative and that usually resolves that issue.
  • Nausea. This is somewhat related to complaint #1.
  • The HCG diet did not work for me. (There could be a bunch of reasons for this.)
  • Some individual did not drink enough water during the diet. The body releases the fat and toxins through your urine and fecal matter. So guess what, if you don’t go to the bathroom and do your business you will not lose the weight.
  • Did not stick to the low calorie diet. This is the hardest part of the diet. If you don’t change the way you eat you will not succeed in this diet or any diet. This also does not give you the option to eat your hearts desire after the diet.
  • The HCG Drops. Either you’re not taking the sufficient amount for your body or you bought some fake HCG. The only HCG available on the market without prescription is Homeopathic HCG. This formula is made with a small amount of HCG in it. Make sure your buying from a reliable supplier and follow the instructions on the dosage and stick with it. It is extremely important that you do not miss a single dosage.
  • Not everybody is the same, it is possible that the HCG will not have an effect on your body or weight.
  • A 500 Calorie diet is dangerous! This is true. Your body should be consuming approximately 2,000 calories per day. The science behind the HCG Diet claims to consume the remaining 1,500 calories from your abnormal fat and that is the reason for the fast weight loss. You should also include a Vitamin B-Complex vitamin to the diet so you will stay energetic. (I still think it is a bit dangerous!)
  • I am hungry as heck. This is another that is very common. Most individuals feel hunger the first week and then it goes away.
  • I gained weight! Stop cheating! Like mentioned before keeping to the diet is the hardest or maybe the diet is not simply working for you. If you eat bad while on the diet guess what your going to gain even more weight.
  • Here are few HCG diet side effects extremely rare cases I mean 1 out of thousands of individuals. Fainting, Dizziness, Fast heart rate, heavy period, you can also get pregnant even easier (women).
  • Hair loss! This is a very rare HCG diet side effect. I think it had to do with the hormonal effect on your body or the low calorie intake.
  • I gained the weight back. This is up to the individual. Some people believe this is a license to eat whatever you want once you complete the diet. WRONG! You will always gain weight if you eat crap!

These are almost all the HCG diet side effects I found during my weeks of research. Now here comes my review.


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Ok this diet is HARD!!!! I am hispanic and I come from a family that eats a lot. It was hard for me to adapt to only 500 calories. I will admit there were a couple of days that I did cheat. Now I did not eat a whole pizza or went to a fast food place or a Chinese buffet. I just had a larger portion of dinner. My goal was to lose twenty pounds so I purchased a 26 day HCG Diet Kit for $89.99. It came with an instruction book which was great! The first two days were amazing. These are your binge days, you are suppose to eat and eat, everything and anything. This tricks your brain to start releasing fat. The first week I did get headaches and hunger pains, I was certain that is was due to the low calorie intake. The headaches were bearable and two aspirins did the trick. The first 7 days I lost 9 pounds and could not believe it. I was half way there. The following 7 days were not as exciting as I had constipation. I used a mild laxative and it did not work. I started to use benefiber and that worked. I lost only 5 pounds the second week. The third week was a breeze there were no complications and I was losing about 1 pound per day. At the end of the diet I had lost 23 pounds and I was excited. I did notice that I lost a bit of muscle on my biceps but most of the weight loss was around my stomach and man boob area. I can say that this diet was a success for ME. I do think it is a bit dangerous but in my opinion it was worth the minor risk. This does not mean that I recommend this to everyone as it may or may not work for you. I think you should speak with your doctor prior to doing the HCG Diet and let them know about the HCG diet side effects. I guarantee you that they will not recommend this as it is not FDA approved. Now if your only going to rely on this fact that HCG is not FDA approved than what do you think of Tylenol and the massive recall.

Final Thoughts: Make a wise decision when it comes to choosing a weight loss program there are safer roads you can take. I will always recommend that eating right and exercising is the best weight loss program over anything else but sometimes I like to take the path less taken. Just my two cents.
(sorry for the bad grammar and writing skills, writing was never my favorite subject. This is an honest review!)

Thank you for reading my HCG diet reviews and a detailed report on the HCG diet side effects. If you have experienced any other HCG diet side effects that were not mentioned her please let us know!