I have been on the HCG drops for 16 days now and have lost 11 pounds. At first it was very easy and I felt great losing about a pound a day, now two weeks later I find my self at a stand still at 136lbs and I’ve been stuck for three days which is a bummer. I’m craving food and I’m feeling hungry.

My fat loss coach suggested I do an “apple day” and eat no more than 5 apples for the day to “reboot” and jumpstart the weight loss again. Sure enough I lost another pound by the next day, but once again I’m stuck.

SO her next suggestion is to lay off the chicken for a few days because i have B type blood. Chicken and B type blood are not a good combination when dieting and I’ve been eating chicken almost everyday (also tilapia, and shrimp). So the point is when on the diet you really gotta switch it up between the foods that are allowed. A filet mignon once a week is also ok.

I’m hoping to get out of this funk I’m in. I’m finding it harder to stay true to the diet as days go by. I have to make meals just for me and meals for my family( who are all thin) so they get to eat all the good stuff. It makes me crazy!! But this tiny bit of sacrifice that will only last another 3 and a half weeks WILL be well worth it. Las Vegas, here I come!!

We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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