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HCG Diet Reviews 2013

The Latest HCG Diet Reviews – Updated May 2013

Thank you everyone for reading my First Review of the HCG Diet I have received hundreds of emails of how the HCG diet reviews has changed their lives and I am glad that I can help in some way. The Old HCG diet reviews which is posted below was when I completed a 26 day HCG Diet protocol in February of 2011. I was able to maintain the weight loss until the holidays arrived in November and December of 2011. With a lot of traveling with the family I was not able to maintain my good eating habits and light exercising (Jogging in the Morning). I would eat at fast food places but not gorge myself with greasy burgers and fries, I did not crave it. That is a good thing I noticed about the diet, since I deprived myself of the fatty (Yummy) foods after the diet I did not want to eat it. To be honest after a month of completing my first protocol I admit that I did eat at a Chinese buffet, it was a family gathering and I will tell you that I felt physically ill and nauseous. I could not sleep well until I threw up that same night. My body rejected that food and whenever I see greasy food I steer away. Not to say that I stopped eating out I just make wiser decisions when it comes to food selection.

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Ok Round 2 of the HCG Diet. Before the holidays I was between 160 -165lbs I am 5’6” and was comfortable at that weight. After the holidays in late January of 2012 I hit the 178lb and my size 32 width Jeans were feeling extra tight. I had to do something right away and decided to purchase the HCG Diet again. I wanted to lose 20-25lbs and once I reach my goal I want to incorporate a little bit of weight lifting as I want to bulk up now that the summer is coming. I went to website in hopes to buy the 26 day HCG Diet but before I bought it decided to send them an email asking if there is a discount for returning customers and they sent me a 10% discount. It is amazing what you can get by just asking and being a little cheap! I purchased the 26 day HCG Diet Kit for $89.99 – $8.99(10% off) = $81.00, offers FREE Shipping worldwide. Now they have a promotion that they give 5 Free packets of zero calorie sugar which I think is a crappy gift but the value of the HCG Drops makes it worth the price. I got the package within a week and started the diet. The first 2 days as before were awesome I ate a lot of food not too high in fat but ate almost double the portion I usually eat. The goal was to feel full all day long and trick the brain to start releasing the fat. After the two days were sadly over I started the 500 calorie a day. I used a couple of the recipes that they recommend in the eBook but didn’t like most of the food. The first seven days (which includes the 2 binge days) is the period where you lose the most weight I lost 9 lbs which equals to 1.25lbs per day. The second week I lost 7 lbs which is a pound a day and maintained that until day 26. I lost a total of 28lbs in 26 days. I got to say that the second round was fairly easy because I was already eating pretty healthy foods after completing round one last year.

This second round I did not feel any headaches like the first time I did the diet or any constipation. It went pretty smoothly. I guess if you are going to feel any side effects or discomfort is when your transitioning from bad eating to healthy eating. Like I mentioned before the HCG Diet is a lifestyle and not a license to eat whatever you want. I hope these honest HCG diet reviews will help you reach your weight loss goals.

I have been asked hundreds of times of who is my
HCG Drops Supplier from my HCG Diet Reviews and it is

Before I end this post I would like to mention that the HCG Diet is not FDA Approved for weight loss. You should always consult your doctor when considering the HCG Diet or any weight loss program. The HCG Diet is an extreme diet. I will always recommend that you lose weight the old fashion way which is exercising and a healthy diet. I personally couldn’t motivate myself to go to a gym every day. I have seen the results and have experienced these results making me a true believer of the HCG Diet. Good luck everyone and send your comments in I would like to hear from you and share your experience good or bad help others like you make an informed decision. To a new and thinner you… Good Luck.

Below this post is my old HCG diet reviews of the first time I did the HCG Diet it has a ton of information about possible side effects. In most cases these side effects are rare but you should consider them when deciding to do the HCG Diet.

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P.S.S. Sorry for the bad grammar once again I was never any good at writing. But I hope you find this HCG diet reviews informational.

Truth about HCG Diet Side Effects

Below is an honest Review on the HCG Diet and HCG Diet Side Effects

HCG Diet Side Effects ImageI know that you have been searching the internet for information on HCG Diet Side Effects. There are thousands of reviews from individuals who claim to have lost a whole bunch weight from these miracle drops. The difference between this diet and all others on the market, is the extreme weight loss in a short period of time. Could losing a pound or two a day as these companies claim, be any safe? The answer is yes and no, more no than yes. Before I get my head chewed off from the people who swear to this diet and the people against it, let me explain myself a bit and elaborate on the subject. Before I give my opinion and show you my research I want to let you know that I am no doctor. I am an individual who was curious about this diet and HCG diet side effects and has also completed a 26 day HCG protocol. I am only expressing my opinion.


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As most of you, I was introduced to this diet by a friend who actually completed the diet and lost about 36 pounds in 40 days. I was amazed on the result and the time it took her to lose it. At this point I am sold on the idea and was interested in doing the HCG Diet. Like any smart consumer, I began to search online for any information on HCG Diet Side Effects. What rose a red flag in my search was the difference in price per ounce. Prices started from $19.99 up to $189.00 per ounce. I was not sure where to buy the HCG diet as my friend spent about $800.00 in a weight loss clinic and I was not willing to spend that much. Now my searches on google turned from “where to buy the HCG Diet” to “ HCG Diet Side Effect ”, there is approximately 40,000 searches per month on this term and rising. People want to be informed about any HCG diet side effects or dangers.

I have spent countless hours researching this and looking for HCG Diet side effects. There are way more success stories than complaints. What I did find curious was that the people who frown the HCG Diet are individuals who have not even tried the diet plan. I don’t think this type of complaint is very reliable. I am one that believes if you’ve have used a product personally no matter the outcome you’re a reliable source and I will take your review over any other so called professionals on the web or the FDA.

As the owner of this site I received a ton of feedback on this article about HCG diet side effects. 2 out of 10 posts or comments are negative and they all are pretty consistent. Below I will list the top HCG diet side effects I have received these and they are not in any type of order.

  • Headaches the first couple of days on the diet. This is the most common HCG diet side effects. I have read many blogs and forums and once again this is an opinion based on my research. The main reasons for these headaches is due to sugar withdrawal, low calorie intake, not eating enough, not taking a vitamin during the diet, etc.
  • Constipation. This the second most common HCG diet side effects. Individuals have suggested to take a mild laxative and that usually resolves that issue.
  • Nausea. This is somewhat related to complaint #1.
  • The HCG diet did not work for me. (There could be a bunch of reasons for this.)
  • Some individual did not drink enough water during the diet. The body releases the fat and toxins through your urine and fecal matter. So guess what, if you don’t go to the bathroom and do your business you will not lose the weight.
  • Did not stick to the low calorie diet. This is the hardest part of the diet. If you don’t change the way you eat you will not succeed in this diet or any diet. This also does not give you the option to eat your hearts desire after the diet.
  • The HCG Drops. Either you’re not taking the sufficient amount for your body or you bought some fake HCG. The only HCG available on the market without prescription is Homeopathic HCG. This formula is made with a small amount of HCG in it. Make sure your buying from a reliable supplier and follow the instructions on the dosage and stick with it. It is extremely important that you do not miss a single dosage.
  • Not everybody is the same, it is possible that the HCG will not have an effect on your body or weight.
  • A 500 Calorie diet is dangerous! This is true. Your body should be consuming approximately 2,000 calories per day. The science behind the HCG Diet claims to consume the remaining 1,500 calories from your abnormal fat and that is the reason for the fast weight loss. You should also include a Vitamin B-Complex vitamin to the diet so you will stay energetic. (I still think it is a bit dangerous!)
  • I am hungry as heck. This is another that is very common. Most individuals feel hunger the first week and then it goes away.
  • I gained weight! Stop cheating! Like mentioned before keeping to the diet is the hardest or maybe the diet is not simply working for you. If you eat bad while on the diet guess what your going to gain even more weight.
  • Here are few HCG diet side effects extremely rare cases I mean 1 out of thousands of individuals. Fainting, Dizziness, Fast heart rate, heavy period, you can also get pregnant even easier (women).
  • Hair loss! This is a very rare HCG diet side effect. I think it had to do with the hormonal effect on your body or the low calorie intake.
  • I gained the weight back. This is up to the individual. Some people believe this is a license to eat whatever you want once you complete the diet. WRONG! You will always gain weight if you eat crap!

These are almost all the HCG diet side effects I found during my weeks of research. Now here comes my review.


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Ok this diet is HARD!!!! I am hispanic and I come from a family that eats a lot. It was hard for me to adapt to only 500 calories. I will admit there were a couple of days that I did cheat. Now I did not eat a whole pizza or went to a fast food place or a Chinese buffet. I just had a larger portion of dinner. My goal was to lose twenty pounds so I purchased a 26 day HCG Diet Kit for $89.99. It came with an instruction book which was great! The first two days were amazing. These are your binge days, you are suppose to eat and eat, everything and anything. This tricks your brain to start releasing fat. The first week I did get headaches and hunger pains, I was certain that is was due to the low calorie intake. The headaches were bearable and two aspirins did the trick. The first 7 days I lost 9 pounds and could not believe it. I was half way there. The following 7 days were not as exciting as I had constipation. I used a mild laxative and it did not work. I started to use benefiber and that worked. I lost only 5 pounds the second week. The third week was a breeze there were no complications and I was losing about 1 pound per day. At the end of the diet I had lost 23 pounds and I was excited. I did notice that I lost a bit of muscle on my biceps but most of the weight loss was around my stomach and man boob area. I can say that this diet was a success for ME. I do think it is a bit dangerous but in my opinion it was worth the minor risk. This does not mean that I recommend this to everyone as it may or may not work for you. I think you should speak with your doctor prior to doing the HCG Diet and let them know about the HCG diet side effects. I guarantee you that they will not recommend this as it is not FDA approved. Now if your only going to rely on this fact that HCG is not FDA approved than what do you think of Tylenol and the massive recall.

Final Thoughts: Make a wise decision when it comes to choosing a weight loss program there are safer roads you can take. I will always recommend that eating right and exercising is the best weight loss program over anything else but sometimes I like to take the path less taken. Just my two cents.
(sorry for the bad grammar and writing skills, writing was never my favorite subject. This is an honest review!)

Thank you for reading my HCG diet reviews and a detailed report on the HCG diet side effects. If you have experienced any other HCG diet side effects that were not mentioned her please let us know!

Get the Answer to Fast Weight Loss

Tired of Being Overweight Discover facts of a Fast Weight Loss Solution

Your fast weight loss solutionIn a country well known for its overweight population, Americans are spending countless hours searching for a fast weight loss solution online. Many websites online will suggest radical diet methods or recommend the latest diet craze. Just like you, I too was searching for a fast weight loss solution and came across a diet that has been around since the 1940’s. This diet promotes a fast and effective weight loss with an average weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per day. With these types of results most health professionals would suggest that rapid weight loss is unhealthy. I too agreed with doctors that the fast weight loss is bad for your health, but after searching for weeks about this particular diet I became a believer and changed my opinion about fast dieting.

Sorry to keep you with the suspense. The name of the diet is the HCG diet. I am pretty sure that most of you reading this article have never heard of this diet. I just want to be clear that it is not a new diet. This diet has recently gained some popularity in 2007 as it was mentioned in a book written by Kevin Trudeau. You can easily find this fast weight loss solution in your local pharmacy or supplement store. The reason why you might not have heard more about this diet is because the FDA has not approved this diet as a fast weight loss solution. Currently HCG isapproved by the FDA as a fertility treatment.

Even without the FDA approval there are thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers who have achieved their weight loss goals. To learn more about the HCG Diet read my post: Learn what the HCG diet is all about,  which describes the details and the science behind the HCG diet and fast weight loss.

Why do you Need a Fast Weight Loss Solution?

There are many factors that makes us overweight; stress, bad eating habits, lack of motivation, laziness, family, and the list goes on and on. Before you think of buying the latest diet on the market you need to definitely reflect  and ask yourself “how did I become overweight?”. Try to remember when that turning point started and try to identify the problem that caused you to gain weight. An imbalance in hormone can also cause overweight you should visit your doctor and do a complete analysis of yourself to make sure that it is not a health related issue.

Once you identify the cause of the overweight you definitely need to do something about it. In most cases which I have seen is that your eating habits are all wrong and you lack the motivation to eat right and exercise. This by far none I believe is the easiest cause to resolve. Even though you might definitely disagree with me but at least it is not health related and stress related as these problems will require professional help that will cost you money and time.

If you can motivate yourself to eat healthy and exercise that is the best weight loss solution but it is not a fast one. We all live in a society that we are trained to see results, especially fast results. Unfortunately losing weight is not a fast road but it can definitely be expedited. Many diet supplements guarantee fast weight loss but only one diet can be backed up by thousands of satisfied customers with raving reviews. You can also read my personal experience about the HCG diet by reading my post on: HCG diet Reveiws.

I hope I have helped you shed some light on how to lose weight fast and I look forward to hearing from your comments. If you have aby questions about this article or about the HCG diet feel free to email me as I am here to help.

Good luck to your fast weight loss solution!



The True HCG Diet Drops Review – Must Read!

The HCG Diet can be purchased three different ways, at least what I know of. There is the HCG diet shots, HCG diet drops, and HCG diet pellets. This Minnie reviews is my sole experience and opinion, I have purchased all three methods and that is why I am reviewing it. I have done the HCG diet protocol 3 times within 2 years and before I start let me be clear on one thing. All three methods worked successfully and I am going to write about my experience with each method and which one I prefer if I ever need to do the HCG Diet for the fourth time.

HCG Diet Injections Reviews

When I first heard about the HCG Diet a friend of my wife completed a cycle and she looked great. She lost about 20+ lbs and my wife and I were amazed how dramatic her weight loss was. My wife and I decided to do a 26 day protocol. We went to the same clinic our friend went to and I will tell you I was not prepared to shell over $400.00 each. My wife told me to do it and that she will do it later on so I purchased the 26 day HCG Diet Shots. I was a bit squirmish on the idea of injecting myself every day. After a couple of days the injections were simple but the only issue I had was refrigerating the injections and making sure that the syringe were sanitized. It became a huge headache as there were two occasions that I had to take the injections to work. I didn’t want to seem like a drug addict taking a shot and risking my job. The only negative about the injections were administrating the HCG and making sure that it is sterile. I will not buy the injections ever again especially with today’s run and go lifestyle there is more chances that you will forget it. Another point I should add is that if you have kids I do not recommend it, I found my son one day touching the syringe that I threw away in the trash. You have to be EXTRA EXTRA careful with kids.

HCG Diet Pellets Reviews

I was curious about the HCG Diet Pellets and I bought them thinking that it would be pretty accurate and easy to take. First of all the price was extremely cheap about $80.00 for a 26 day protocol. The first couple of days seemed to be ok but after a couple of days since I had them in my bag the pellets were starting to break and the accuracy was all wrong. I had to piece the pieces together as I had to take 6 pellets 3 times a day. There was a large sandy material in the bottom of the bottle and I thought that I was not getting the right dosage I stopped half way through it and did manage to lose 14 lbs in 16 days. It was not a complete waste but I could not manage to complete the protocol. The great thing is that the pellets did not need to be refrigerated and I can take the pellets anywhere. Besides that I do not recommend it!

HCG diet Drops Reviews

My wife and I both decided to use the HCG diet drops and I am glad to report that this is truly the most cheapest, effective, and easy to use. The HCG drops do not need to be refrigerated and can be taken anywhere without being noticed. Even though the accuracy may not be perfect as no single drop is the same volume but they are pretty darn close. Instead of taking 10 drops I took 11 drops just in case. The taste is bearable and easy to swallow as the pellets taste like sand. This is my top choice between all three methods.

My number one choice when it comes to the HCG diet is the HCG diet drops. As I mentioned before all three methods are effective and it’s your choice but each method does have their pros and cons . The most practical, cost effective, and easy to use will be the HCG diet drops in my opinion.

I hope this HCG diet drops, injections, and pellets reviews helps you on deciding which method is better for you. Please send your comments and reviews so we can all help each other make a smart decision.

HCG Diet Testimonial at work

“The HCG diet has been a huge topic at work ever since a co-worker of ours came back from her two week vacation. On her first day back she received a ton of comments of how great she looks and was almost interrogated by the women in the office of what she did to lose all that weight. I must say that I too was interested in learning her secret and unfortunately was not able to eaves drop in the conversation. I spoke to another co-worker that was surrounding her and she mentioned the HCG Diet. After work I was eager to research the HCG Diet online and learn a little bit more about the diet and I was glad to find this site. I purchased the HCG diet from the resource the website provides and I am glad to report that after the 26 diet protocol I am 23 lbs lighter. I hardly felt any side effects that could not be easily handled with a laxative. I must say that the hardest part of the diet is the change of eating habits. It is definitely a life change but it is worth it. I saw changes in weight and size in just after 5 days which is unheard of. I will definitely recommend this diet to anyone who wants to lose weight fast. “

The testimonial above was emailed to me and he wanted me to share his testimonial with the readers of this site. I am glad to hear that people are having success with the diet. I just want to remind anyone who is considering this diet to consult your doctor a consider losing weight the old fashion way. Eat right and exercise. But if you have no time and do not want to spend money on the gym or exercise equipment, feel free to use the HCG Diet. I know that with the FDA advisory of the HCG drops has quieted things down a bit but companies are still offering real HCG drops, LEGALLY. Be careful there are many companies selling diet drops with similar advertisement but it contains no HCG.

If you have any questions just feel free to contact me via this post or add your comments as any information positive or negative is much appreciated.

Homeopathic HCG

What is Homeopathic HCG:

This is a weight loss solution which is quite safe and powerful. When compared to other weight loss solutions, it is said to be the one of the most effective  for individuals who seek to lose more than 20 pounds. It is also known to work in a speedy manner and will therefore help make the entire weight loss process more bearable which is usually the opposite for most people. Even though the Homeopathic HCG is not approved by the FDA as a weight loss supplement there are hundreds of thousands of individuals who have benefited from this diet plan.

Out of the different forms of HCG, the HCG drops is very popular with a wide number of people due to the fact that it is quite safe for use and will give rapid results to the user. Unlike other forms of diets, the HCG drops has minimal side effects if any. With this diet you will be able to lose up to 2 pounds in a given day and as they days go by, you will soon begin to realize your dream of living a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Benefits of using the HCG diet:

This weight loss diet is known to offer multiple benefits to the user. To begin with, small amounts gather in the body which produces a much greater effect than when administered through a one time injection. These smaller doses through the HCG drops also minimized the risk of side effects which are often experienced with larger doses. If you happen not to be aware about homeopathy, it is a highly effective and safe system which deals with natural medicine which is specially prepared and administered in small quantities for the purpose of assisting the body to heal itself. As previously stated, the use of oral HCG is the best way to lose all those extra pounds.

Are the homeopathic HCG drops effective?

This diet is highly recognized as being a highly effective slimming aid. The hormone used in the solution is what activates the hypothalamus to produce chemicals which help in getting rid of all the extra or unusual fat in the body. As previously stated, the HCG drops are one hundred percent natural therefore quite safe for use in losing weight in a rapid manner. When using this drops, speedy weight lose is a guarantee hence the reason why it is highly recommended for individuals who are considerably overweight.

When you combine a small dose of HCG diet with a low calorie intake not exceeding 500 calories, you will end up losing about a pound of unwanted fat every day. Within a couple of weeks you will be required to change your wardrobe due to the weight you would have lost. The best and most active homeopathic HCG drops is one which consists of fat burning herbs as well as b-12. You will then be required to use a dropper to pour the mixture under the tongue. This diet has a proven track record therefore you can never go wrong with it.

HCG Diet Drops

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a protein hormone naturally arises in the pregnant women. This hormone can directly work with the Hypothalamus glands and controls the body weight. HCG diet drops made with this hormone to loss weight is recommended by a British endocrinologist Dr. A.T.W. Siemon M.D. This is a safe weight loss drops and it is used to lose one pound daily in a natural way. The HCG diet drops is suitable for all and it is not a drug. It should be taken orally by placed under the tongue three times everyday.

How it works?
Performing several exercises or workouts and cutting the calorie intake are the general ways to reduce weight. These ways would result in fatigue, body weakness, head ache and irritability. HCG diet drops are very efficient in shedding the additional pounds from the body. If the HCG drops are taken along with the low calorie diet, it makes the body burn the excess fats that is stored in the unwanted placesof the body. Then it activates the hypothalamus gland to use the stored fats by forcing them into the blood stream and finally these fats are converted into energy. As a result, around 4000 calories of stored fat burned daily and thus the body weight is reduced efficiently.

Why HCG should use for weight loss?
According to many research studies, it is proven that the HCG drops can be used to lose 1-2 pounds daily with minimal side effects. Suitable for both men and women, those who want to get rid of unwanted fats in the body permanently. It also boosts the metabolism and helps to maintain the muscle tone. Also it uses natural ingredients to hold back the appetite and crush the feeling of hunger. Only small quantity of drops is needed daily and easy to take orally without any pain.

Benefits of HCG diet drops: (These statements have not been reviewed by the FDA or Medical Practitioner, these are statements that have been researched online.)
1. Prevents the body from various diseases like asthma, heart attack, blood pressure and breast cancer.
2. Mainly spotlights to permanent weight loss, so sure to get a perfect body shape.
3. Encourages the nervous system, which in turn increases the mental focus.
4. Good for skin health by preventing the skin from wrinkles, acne and dark spots.
5. Strengthens the immune system to fight against the severe infections.
6. Fast loss weight and it is safe and easy to use by everyone.
7. Less expensive when compared to other slimming products.

Buy HCG diet drops online:
It is the best option to buy the HCG diet drops online, because
* Fast and free shipping is provided with the product.
* To make an inquiry about the drops, the buyer can contact the knowledgeable staffs through the online support.
* The buyer can get 100% money back guarantee with the product if not satisfied.
* Many legitimate online sites offers the diet drops at discounted price. Along with the product, clear instructions to follow, diet guides & recipes would be given for the user.
* No sales tax for the online purchaser.

It is recommended to avoid smoking, alcohol, junk food and eat the low calorie diet for better results of HCG diet drops.

HCG Weight Loss

The hcg weight loss diet is very effective and a long-term weight loss solution. The hcg diet plan begins with two days of fat loading. You start the HCG drops on the first day and you can eat high fat foods on the first two days. Then you should follow the “very low calorie diet ” plan. This low calorie diet plan is the weight loss phase of the HCG diet. You can use this diet for 26 to 40 days depending on your weight loss goals. During the low calorie phase you can only eat 500 calories a day and the hcg helps your body releases 3000 – 4000 calories into your body from the fat reserves. This release of calories will help you suppress your hunger and forces the extra stored fat to be burned as energy. It also promotes weight loss and you will start to shed the weight fast. You can lose up to 2 pounds everyday on the HCG diet but the average is 1 pound a day. You have to continue the diet plan until you reach your desired weight. Doing this diet without the Homeopathic HCG Drops is extremely dangerous and could result in organ failure. It is important that consult your primary doctor before starting this diet or any weight loss program.

The HCG weight loss diet is a life long weight loss plan.

The benefits of HCG weight loss diet plan:

  • You can lose more than 30 pounds in 6 weeks
  • No exercising needed
  • Very effective, simple and easy
  • Healthy and have no side effects
  • It is easy to keep up the lost weight
  • Supports reduction of cholesterol and blood sugar levels
  • Increased energy levels

To lose weight safely and quickly, HCG drops is the best option.
The easy steps for the HCG diet are: Start the hcg drops and eat high calorie diet for two days After two days continue the hcg drops and follow the very low calorie diet plan and you can lose 1 – 2 pounds per day.

The carefully selected foods for the hcg diet helps your body to get the proper nutrition it needs and the hcg helps your body receive the calorie intake it requires. The hcg drops help to burn the excess fat and gives you energy when you are in the very low calorie diet. After losing the extra fat from your body you can stop the hcg and the low calorie diet. During the recovery it is important to incorporate new foods to your diet but little by little. Now that you have achieved your ideal weight it is not a license to eat everything site as you will gain the weight back at an even faster rate. At the end of your hcg diet plan, your metabolism will be reset and your body will no longer store fat after that treatment. So it becomes very difficult to gain weight even after you stop your hcg diet plan. So this HCG weight loss diet becomes a good long-term diet plan.

In conclusion, HCG weight loss diet is a more aggressive weight loss plan and will need dedication. It is not a simple but very easy to follow. It is very effective for both men and women. There is no need of special foods for this hcg diet so it is a less expensive diet plan. HCG diet plan helps you to stay motivated as you will see weight loss since the first week. Take advantage of the HCG Weight loss program TODAY!.


In buying HCG drops, you could finally kiss that unwanted fat goodbye. However, in doing so, you should think about the manufacturer’s credibility. In choosing a credible HCG manufacturer and going about your diet the right way, HCG has the potential to solve your weight loss problems.

Before you go and buy HCG drops, it’s vital to know just how it works. HCG or the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a natural substance that’s similar to hormones that are only present during a woman’s pregnancy. It is popularly known that when combined with a low calorie meal, HCG can help those who are overweight lose a minimum of one to two pounds each day, even without doing any rigorous exercise. This is what made HCG quite the popular way to lose weight and as a result, the development of the HCG drop as an alternative to getting injected with it was made.

Once you buy HCG drops, the procedure in taking it in is quite simple. You just have to take in HCG drops thrice a day. Place 15 drops of it under the tongue and keep it there for about 30 seconds then swallow. Remember that the drops should be taken 20 minutes before or after meals and that no food or drink is to be taken within the allocated 20 minutes.

There are various ways in which you could save a little bit of case once you buy HCG drops. The most obvious way is look for alternatives that can “replace” HCG. However, there are other less evident ways that you can save that bit of cash whenever you’re buying HCG.

As you undergo your HCG regimen, you don’t need to exercise. In fact, it isn’t recommended that you have any strenuous activity whatsoever. You also don’t need to follow the things that your fitness instructor says. What this simple means is that, no exercise equals no added expense. In addition to that, you don’t need to spend anything when it comes to buying exercising equipment. You remember those exercise machines that are being sold on those late night informercials, right? The ones wherein they provide certain “bonuses” if you order right away? HCG drops are straight up when it comes to losing weight and it doesn’t fool you in any way.

It is a well-known fact that being obese can cause various health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure just to name a few. You could buy HCG drops with the help of various means as well as mediums. You could buy the drops from your local drugstore. You could even place an order for a supply online and a great thing about this is that it gets delivered right to your front door.

When you buy HCG drops, you could also go for mail-order catalogs that focus on dietary supplements, although the speed at which the delivery is done might leave a lot to be desired. However, if you’re making a purchase for a number of supplements from them or that you’ve been one of their loyal customers, then choosing this option can benefit you in certain ways. One such benefit is getting a discount when you buy HCG in the future.

What is HCG ?

Have you ever wondered what HCG is? HCG, also known as the human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone that is produced within the placenta of a pregnant woman. This hormone lets both the mother as well as the baby to remain at perfect health during the whole pregnancy.

Of course, men also have the hormone. However, it’s not that active in men as well as in women who aren’t pregnant. In addition to that, there’s a synthetic version of this particular hormone that is being used in combination with the HCG diet and it is definitely helping those who are trying to lose weight.

The hormone could be taken with the use of a syringe or preferably through oral means, especially placing it under your tongue. HCG will help the hypothalamus gland in making use of the body’s fat stores as the primary energy source. You are going to be on quite a low calorie diet while you are taking the hormone. This is what makes the body make use of the fat stores as an energy source, replacing the energy coming from the food that you’re eating.

Since you won’t be eating that much fat when you’re combining your HCG doses with your low calorie diet, your body can then break down those fat stores with the help of your HCG-powered hypothalamus gland. The diet is going to help you in preserving your muscle mass, thus improving your body shape after you complete your diet.

The HCG plan will last from 24 to 40 days since it will depend how the amount of weight you want to lose as well as how long you are going to still take in the hormone. It isn’t recommended that you still be on the diet once this plan has run its course. However, you could take a bit of a break and go back dieting, in case you need to lose any more weight. Those who are on a diet have reported that their energy levels are higher and they feel a lot better as their HCG regimen progressed.

So, what is HCG aside from a hormone that lets you lose weight? Well, it is also a hormone that helps in raising your metabolism. Those who are overweight normally find that, in time, metabolism becomes slow as age sets in. However, going on one diet after another also slows metabolism. Taking in HCG can and will help in making sure that not only would your metabolism stay the same, it would also reach higher levels. This simply means that you won’t be gaining back all the weight you lost.

Your HCG regimen is going to help in changing your habits. Once you’re done with your HCG drops, you’ll find that you will no longer want sugar and starch the same way you used to. You’ll be having higher energy levels, which can result in you wanting to get a bit of exercise.

So, what is HCG? Well, it can and will facilitate the way you lose weight as well as facilitate the way in which you can live your life after you’ve lost it.

HCG Diet Plan

The HCG diet plan is vastly becoming a very popular diet plan since it has been reported to be effective in helping those who want to lose weight lose weight. In fact even skeptics won’t question how effective HCG really is when it comes to losing. However, how safe is this particular diet plan, you might ask?

The HCG diet plan works in burning the fat stores in the body, especially in the buttock and the stomach areas since this is where a lot of fat normally resides. This diet plan curbs your calorie intake and combines it with the HCG supplement. You can either inject HCG into your body or, more preferably, take the HCG drops, which you do orally.

What the hormone does is that it controls the craving for food and helps the body make use of its fat stores as an energy source, thus letting you lose around one to two pounds each day sans starving. HCG happens to be a hormone that is abundant in pregnant women and today, is used as a supplement that helps in weight loss. While it lets you lose weight, you won’t be losing muscle mass.

The HCG diet plan was developed by the late Dr. A. T. W. Simeon, a physician who was well-known for his research on how to fight obesity in the 50s. As he did his research on obesity, he discovered that the HCG hormone, which is abundant in pregnant women, controls metabolism, suppresses the appetite and turns stored fat into an energy source.

This particular diet plan gained popularity since a lot of overweight people have testified to its effectiveness. Dr. Simeon documented all his findings in the manuscript he titled “Pounds and Inches.” The manuscript provided the science that is the foundation of the weight loss method known as the HCG diet plan.

Although the HCG diet plan is still to be given recognition by the FDA when it comes to losing weight, its vital component, which is HCG, has been found to be safe by the FDA. In fact, certain clinics that specialize on weight loss with the use of the HCG diet plan help patients lose extra weight with verified results.

The diet plan works similarly to what Dr. Simeon originally developed, albeit with some certain enhancements from a certain Kevin Trudeau who documented in this book “The Weight Loss Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About.” Trudeau recommends that the HCG diet plan be made up of just natural and organic food while taking in the hormone, in addition to taking in other vitamins and minerals that help in promoting good health while, at the same time, lose weight.

Nowadays, the HCG that goes with your HCG diet plan can be taken orally, in the form of HCG drops. The drops are more preferred over the injections since they’re safer, easier to use as well as more affordable. You just need to make sure that the HCG drops you get are legit and that the sources for them are reputable.

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